The Center for Winning Performance is a “mental training” organization dedicated to helping athletes and other high performers develop and keep a winning attitude to fully reach their potential, both professionally and personally.

This center was founded by Jack Llewellyn, Ph.D., a world-renowned sport psychology consultant, author, professor, business coach and speaker.
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Most impressive to the Nats and their fans is that Llewellyn’s work over 16 years helped make the Atlanta Braves one of baseball’s most stable and successful franchises in the 1990’s. Working as a “Mental Development Coach” on the field and in the clubhouse, his subtle suggestions and ability to help players overcome challenges was often cited as critical in the Braves’ turn from also-ran to perennial contender, and helped make John Smoltz, one of his most outspoken supporters, into a Hall of Fame caliber pitcher. It is that Braves connection that brought him to the Nationals last year, as Director of Scouting Roy Clark made the suggestion to have him join the baseball staff as a consultant, after having seen his work first-hand in the Atlanta more


Renowned sports psychologist Dr. Jack Llewellyn offers up valuable advice on how to develop a winning attitude in work and life, based on the principles behind his successful consulting program. Among his tips: * Assess your assets and your liabilities. Ask yourself: "What makes you strong enough to overcome life's challenges?" * Achieve something positive every day. Take stock of your accomplishments -- small and large -- and fill your mind with things that are positive and affirming. * Surround yourself with a team of people committed to helping you. You need a support system that's both committed to your health and you. * Use stress as an incentive. Find a way to use the energy from things that put a strain on you in a productive way. * Create a positive environment. Make a conscious choice to live every day with a confident more

Multiple Sclerosis

Everyone has adversity which creates "Mud in the Water" or mind clutter. Quicker recovery from adversity separates winners from survivors, happy people from those just making it through. In my experience living with MS presents daily obstacles and in my latest book, Get the Mud Out of the Water, I share strategies that can help us to recover from these adversities in order to live our best lives each and every day. Five Quick Tips from Dr. Jack Llewellyn, Sports Psychologist and MS Patient: 1. Your Assets and Your Liabilities 2. Achieving Something Positive Every Day 3. Surrounding Yourself with a Team of People Committed to Helping You 4. Stress as an Incentive to Improve Your Life 5. Create a Positive Environment for Yourself and Live in it Every more

The Center for Winning Performance is a "mental training" organization dedicated to helping athletes and other high performers develop and keep a winning attitude to fully reach their potential, both profesionally and personally.

This center was founded by Jack Llewellyn, Ph.D., a world renowned sports psychology consultant, author, professor, business coach and speaker.
John Smoltz, National League Cy Young Award Winner, 1996: "Jack Llewellyn's approach is simple and straightforward, and it can be applied to all areas of the professional workplace as well as to everyday life. His program teaches you how to adapt to and overcome pressure and increases your ability to persevere and get better, instead of giving in and getting frustrated. Jack has helped me tremendously."
Tom Glavine, National League Cy Young Award Winner, 1991 and 1998: "As a professional athlete, I'm always looking for an edge—especially a mental edge—and Jack Llewellyn's program has helped me greatly in that area. Jack's program helped with me deal with adversity, make the necessary adjustments and recover. Jack has been a huge help with the mental side of my game."
Greg Poplarski, Senior Vice President, Prudential Retirement, National Sales: "We recently had the opportunity to have Dr. Llewellyn address our top sales performers. I received tremendous feedback on his talk. Llewellyn has a unique way of drawing parallels between the successes and failures in sports and business. He is passionate, humorous, interesting and a great storyteller. Most importantly, the concepts Llewellyn focuses on can be immediately incorporated into day-to-day business."

Author Jack H. Llewellyn Ph.D.

Get the Mud Out of the Water
Everyone had adversity which creates "mud in the water" or mind clutter. Use The Jack Llewellyn System to change your more.

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Winning Sure Beats Losing
How to transform survivors into winners. He spells out, step by step, how to be a winner every day by..... read more.

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Dr. Jack Llewellyn is perhaps best known for his work helping Fortune 500 clients use the same approach and strategies he used to turn former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz into a Cy Young winner, and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart into a champion. His strategies call for people to assess their abilities, focus on the right processes to reach goals, thrive on stress, and recover quickly from adversity in order to become top performers.

In 2004, Dr. Jack Llewellyn was forces to apply his philosophies to his own live when..... read more.

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